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Amy Kay Cole

Amy Kay Cole, PhD

Dr. Amy Kay Cole holds a PhD in clinical psychology with expertise in the management of anxiety, trauma, mood impairment, and relationships. Dr. Cole has been a professor at Missouri Southern State University since 2002.

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What if You Hate Your In-Laws?

You might assume we are talking about mothers-in-law. Well, to some extent we are, but we are also talking about your brother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and every other in-law you can think of. We’re talking about strangers who married into a family (and sometimes that’s you)....

Who Needs Friends Anyway?

Friendships are the foundation of a happy life. Romantic partners certainly can be friends, but there is something powerful about a relationship with someone who simply fills an emotional need of connection, support, and understanding – sometimes the most rewarding relationships of our lives. Research on highly stressed women, such...

6 Things to Consider on Father’s Day if You’re Not Close to Your Dad

By now you’ve seen the Father’s Day ads and probably heard people talk about their plans for Father’s Day. It’s a wonderful day if your dad has been emotionally and physically present as well as supportive. But it can be a depressing...

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