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Amy Kay Cole

Amy Kay Cole, PhD

Dr. Amy Kay Cole holds a PhD in clinical psychology with expertise in the management of anxiety, trauma, mood impairment, and relationships. Dr. Cole has been a professor at Missouri Southern State University since 2002.

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Financial therapy

Psychologists have been studying how people manage finances for years. Financial stress can lead to guilt, self-loathing, even depression and chronic anxiety. Most Americans are in a precarious financial position regardless of whether they have a good income. Even families who earn more than the average $55,000 per year can live...

Why Self-Compassion Beats Self-Confidence

Confidence is a powerful force that draws us to others. Clients don’t typically pursue counseling with the expressed purpose of increasing confidence, but most people want to feel confident. In truth, people are often confused by what true confidence looks and feels like. Confidence is not bravado or...

Sex, Money, and In-Laws

Sex, money, and in-laws. Those are three of the most common battlegrounds in a marriage. I have discussed these issues with many couples and have found that money battles are uniquely complicated. How we spend money reflects our values. Couples might pursue counseling to address money problems and soon...

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